Software Escrow Guardians is an escrow agent and holds source code for in-production software as well as for in-development software.

Software Escrow is a service where an independent party, the escrow agent, holds a copy of an application's Source Code on behalf of the software user and the software developer.  If the Software developer cannot support the application, (for example, bankruptcy), the Source Code is released to the Software User.  The Software User can then make modifications to the software as they see fit.

Why put source code in escrow:

  • risk mitigation - protection of the licencee in the event the software house fails;

  • improve sales - assures purchasers that they have access to the source code should an escrow release event occur

When should you put source code in escrow:

  • When the cost of an escrow service is less that the cost of not being able to modify your critical corporate applications.

  • Software escrow should be part of your business continuance strategy.

Questions to ask:

  1. What happens if the company supporting your mission critical software cannot support that software any more?

  2.  Do you have an escrow clause in your software development agreement?

  3.  Do you have an escrow clause in your software licence agreement?

What is Software Escrow?

Software Escrow Guardians - Services + Clients

Escrow services are applicable to small and large companies, national and international companies, software developers and software users.

Software Escrow Guardians clients include:

  • government departments

  • military

  • multinational companies

  • transnational companies

  • medium sized companies

  • small software developers

  • medium software developers

  • large software developers

in a range of business activities:

  • banking

  • manufacturing

  • education

  • health

  • defence

  • transportation

  • mining



1992 was an exciting year for me, other than my daughter turning 6, it was the year Software Escrow Guardians started and began to grow from a few clients to very many clients in 102 countries around the world it has today.  Although most communications with our clients are electronic, I really enjoy working with our clients on a personal basis.  I and the rest of the team at SEG look forward to providing you with the software escrow services you need.